Contior Automotive Assessors

Heavy Damage Assessments

This service is aimed at vehicles that have been heavily damaged during transportation which may be considered substandard or a potential Total Loss. If vehicles are severely damaged, gaining an understanding of what a repair may cost, together with an engineering Total Loss assessment, can be indispensable.

Benefits of this service include:

  • An early decision on damage categorisation
  • Avoiding the need for the vehicle having to go to a repair facility unnecessarily
  • Reducing the claim cycle time
  • Avoiding further cost and inconvenience of onwards transportation
  • An accurate reserve of repair cost, should the vehicle not be deemed a total loss
  • Heavy damage assessments can be conducted remotely or through a combined physical assessment approach anywhere in the world.

Utilising digital images enables desktop engineering services to be undertaken at lower cost than a physical inspection, in a more efficient timeframe without compromising on quality.

Having access to manufacturer systems and repair methods as well as estimating systems such as Audatex and Repair Estimate, we are able to provide not only a vehicle damage assessment report, but a full repair estimate to accompany our Engineer’s report. All assessments to establish the correct Total Loss category will follow either the ABI code of practice or the manufacturer’s specific guidelines.

This service is flexible to the individual requirements of each incident or specific circumstances. Outputs can also be tailored; however generally consist of the following:

  • Total Loss assessment / Engineering report
  • Full repair estimate
  • Detailed images of the damaged vehicle

Our Salvage services can also support should vehicles be deemed a Total Loss and requires disposal. We are able to offer competitive rates for salvage as well as arrange to collect and dispose of the vehicles accordingly with minimal fuss.

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