Contior Automotive Assessors

Inspection Services

As automotive damage assessors, we are experts in assessing damage to a variety of vehicle types including car, LCVs, HGVs, caravans and many more vehicle types. We offer complete confidence that vehicles will be inspected thoroughly and repaired using the correct manufacturer repair method at the right cost.

The parameters for determining whether a physical or desktop inspection is preferred can be agreed on a client by client basis. We are very flexible to meet individual needs.

Our inspection services include:

Assessment of damage to a vehicle against the costs and repair methods estimated. Using digital images desktop engineering can be undertaken at lower cost than a physical inspection on certain repair types without compromising on quality. The assessment validates all claimed components with the repair estimate both pre and post repair. The engineering report type includes authorisation, without prejudice and total loss. The report includes:

  • A vehicle identification check
  • Vehicle defects, to ensure anything not relating to the damage sustained is not included in the repair and not approved as part of the assessment
  • Roadworthiness, to ensure the repair still deems the vehicle “roadworthy”
  • Consistency of Damage and if the damage is inconsistent it is removed from the repair and not approved.
  • Valuations, the vehicle value is considered as part of the assessment and the assessment would include a valuation as well as a total loss categorisation
  • Vehicle salvage or disposal, this can be arranged and handled by us if requested

We have the ability to carry out the assessment of a damaged vehicle by physical inspecting the vehicle at any location in the UK. The report would include all the standard information and detail within an engineer’s report and all services we provide under our desktop service is available on a physical basis too. Additional physical inspection services can include:
  • Post repair inspections
  • Mechanical Failures
  • Complaint cases
  • Body shop compliance reports
  • Fraud investigation
  • Expert witness
  • Forensic, fire and theft investigations
  • Damage consistency report

Completed on a desktop basis, this service encompasses the assessment of damage via images (where no estimate provided from the repairer) and then the creation of a full report including the estimated cost using an industry recognised system (Audatex), whilst confirming the appropriate manufacturer repair method.
Mainly utilised by fleets and hire companies, we can provide a tailored report to assist in assessing vehicles at pre-fleet and/or end of lease/return (de-fleet).
In addition to our desktop engineering, where we assess and identify a vehicle and total loss, this service is aimed at vehicles that have been deemed a potential total loss by a third party (such as an insurer) and the vehicle has been moved direct to a salvage company. We provide an estimated repair cost as well as a vehicle valuation. The assessment is completed to establish the correct total loss category following the ABI code of practice and is completed utilising images.
We can provide a report following any damage repair for vehicles that have lost any potential value. This can be provided on a desktop or physical assessment basis.

When a new vehicle requires repair to remedy damages sustained en route between manufacturing point and dealer delivery, it is vital that the vehicle is repaired following the correct repair methods and at the right cost.

Our Advanced Validation service involves the thorough review of repair estimates submitted by repairers / dealerships to identify opportunities to reduce the repair costs by amending estimates and agreeing more appropriate repair methods. We do this whilst at all times maintaining our commitment to the manufacturers’ approved repair processes and new vehicle quality standards.

Our engineers are all proven experts in vehicle repair processes and methods as well as new vehicle quality standards. We work with repairers to seek opportunities to educate on the best repair methods to use as well as identify cost savings collaboratively.

Our service is generally delivered remotely from the desktop utilising photographs, videos and specialist estimating software as well as utilising manufacturer’s own systems. We also have the option to visit the repairer in person if required.

The advanced validation will include:

  • Identifying ways to repair, rather than replace broken parts or panels whilst maintaining as new standards
  • Encouraging the use of ‘smart’ repair processes such as cold dent repairs, polishing and local repairs in line with manufacturer guidelines
  • Identifying examples where the need to blend painted panels into neighbouring ones is removed
  • Ensuring correct part prices and discounts are applied
  • In this segment we also manage damages to multiple vehicles that can occur through a catastrophic event such as a hail storm. This can involve assessing and organising repairs for thousands of vehicles at the same time.
  • Our Advanced Validation service is also able to dramatically reduce the timeframes associated with authorising the repairer to proceed. This minimises the delay a damage causes in delivering the vehicle to the final customer.

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