Contior Automotive Assessors

Salvage Services

We manage and utilise our own network of salvage agents who can provide the collection and disposal of motor vehicles. Our salvage services can be as part of other engineering services or stand alone. We provide valuations for vehicles that are expected to be or deemed beyond economical repair. Whether it is case by case, contracted or a catastrophic event, we are able to offer a competitive valuation with minimal fuss.

We will provide the quotation, arrange collection and manage the process from start to finish.

Categories of the service are:

Larger clients dealing with volume of vehicles such as insurers, manufacturers and fleets are provided with set contracted salvage return for their vehicles based on agreed criteria. Where a vehicle is not beyond economical repair but requires disposal (end of life for example), we would be able to provide a quotation very efficiently as well as handling the process in the same manner.
Following a catastrophic event such as hail storms, flood or fire, we offer a service that takes care of vehicle disposal and management. This service is availble to all but particularly manufacturers and insurers in the finished vehicle sector. We can provide salvage quotations as well as free collection anywhere in the UK.

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