Are you paying too much for your repairs?

Are you paying too much for your repairs?

Contior are an independent engineering company, providing automotive assessment services throughout the UK. You may not have heard of this service or know how it can benefit you in the event of a claim.

Should the worst happen and your vehicle or a third party vehicle is damaged, as independent engineers, we will work with repairers and negotiate a fair and accurate cost for the repairs on your behalf. Our industry qualified engineers are trained to manufacturer standards and review the repair method, question unnecessary work and overestimated repair processes.

Adding our Independent Engineering service to your claims process will not delay getting your vehicle back on the road and can provide significant annual savings well above the service fees.

In order to further support your understanding of our independent engineering service and the benefits in more detail we can desktop validate some example repair estimates for you on a free trial basis. We can do this for new or current live repairs so the savings achieved can directly benefit you. However we can also review historic closed or already repaired vehicles which could support liability cost discussions. In order to complete the trial we would simply require the detailed repair estimate and images of the particular damage repair you receive.

To discuss our solutions for Fleet managers and how we could support you and your requirements contact Dominic Nichols on +44 (0) 1473 346073 or email: