Contior the new name in motor engineering services

Contior the new name in motor engineering services

Contior offer a broad range of motor engineering services suited to different client types and circumstances.

For desk based services we use our in-house engineers but when physical inspections are required we utilise our partner network. Our partnership arrangements are closely managed to ensure consistent quality, efficiency and maintenance of agreed service levels.

Our expertise and direct links with vehicle manufacturers is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors. Our sister business Sevatas is the European leader in the provision of claims and risk management solutions in the finished vehicle logistics sector for the last 30 years. Our engineering and validation of repairs to new vehicles gives us an insight to new technology before other engineering firms.

Contior is unique in the vehicle engineering sector due to these connections.

The technical competence and skills of our people are central to our proposition. Our engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering all types and age of vehicles including both new and used. We are committed to invest in ongoing training and development so that our engineers are knowledgeable in new manufacturing methods and new vehicle types, such as hybrid and electrical vehicles. All our engineers are ATA VDA qualified as a minimum standard.

There are many different types of client for motor engineering services. Fundamentally the services for each client is the same but the needs and priorities in each group may be slightly different. We work with our clients to adjust to these differing needs and provide management information and performance reporting geared to those priorities.

The final core element of our proposition is the commitment to deliver exceptional service. Our business is accredited with ISO 9001 for quality management. We maintain consistent high quality by tracking and auditing the quality of the work we undertake. We also manage partner suppliers to the same standards.

We have market leading experience, expertise and knowledge and are able to manage all types of vehicles including engineering outside of the UK, utilising our multilingual capabilities.

To discuss our solutions and how we could support you and your requirements contact Dominic Nichols on +44 (0) 1473 346073 or email: