Will a futuristic whine cut it for the new Harley Davidson LiveWire?

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  • 30 Jan recently reported that Harley Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle, LiveWire, will go on sale in August, two years ahead of schedule. At just under $30,000, you may expect more than the new sound that’s promised, described as a “futuristic motor whine” rather than the deep rumble we’ve come to expect from Harleys.

Commenting on the news, Tom McLaughlin, Engineering Manager at Contior said: “Electric vehicles are clearly the future for ALL modes of transport including motor bikes! When reading this article my immediate concern bizarrely, was sound. Anyone buying a Harley-Davidson surely wants to hear that aggressive rumble coming from those beautiful engines but with an electric bike this simply isn’t there. Without hearing the ‘futuristic whine’ at this time I am not sold. Maybe I should have some faith in the engineers at Harley-Davidson and keep an open mind?”

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