Independent Motor Vehicle Assessors – case study

Independent Motor Vehicle Assessors – case study

Our independent motor vehicle assessors, deliver savings for our clients in the following three primary areas:

  • Repair quality and brand protection in line with manufacturer repair standards
  • Cost reductions, where appropriate, for vehicle damage claims
  • Prompt review and approval for the repairer and the end customer

One of our fleet clients in the UK, had experienced inconsistencies in repair costs that were presented to them. In some cases there was no opportunity to review the presented repair costs at all. Contior was appointed to support and bring consistency to the repairs that were presented, through our independent motor vehicle assessor service, and ensure that the required repair costs approved were both fair and reasonable.

The initial requirement from our client was focused primarily on managing the quality of the repairs in line with the manufacturers repair methods as well as approving the most cost effective repair possible. The fleet itself is made up of a variety of different vehicle types including passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy goods vehicles. While some of the vehicles are part of the clients own fleet, a large proportion of the repair costs were through short-term hire arrangements.

We introduced our independent motor vehicle assessors and created an immediate impact. So far, we have achieved improvements with the claims procedures which ensures that the service does not impact the approval process and timescales. This has been achieved by:

  • Completing desktop assessments where possible within an agreed, short KPI timescale
  • Through our simple instruction process and tracking capabilities utilising our online web portal
  • Close management of the panel of repairers

Positive cost reductions have been achieved, with an average saving of £165 per job that we have reviewed.

These outcomes have exceeded our client’s expectation in financial savings, and in the simplicity of the process.

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