Motor Vehicle Engineering Service – case study

Motor Vehicle Engineering Service – case study

Advanced validation is a specialist service that delivers savings for our clients through our motor vehicle engineering service in the following three primary areas:

  • Cost reductions, where appropriate, for in-transit damage claims
  • Repair quality and brand protection in line with manufacturer standards
  • Prompt authorisation for the dealer and the end customer

One of our automotive clients in Europe had experienced inconsistencies in the approach to cost validation and in some cases there was no control of the quality of repairs approved. We were requested to provide motor vehicle engineering support to bring consistency to the estimate validation process and ensuring the manufacturer’s standards were upheld and managed.

We introduced our motor vehicle engineering service for this client across 24 European countries. We provide the validations in the same language as the repairer / dealer, allowing the repairer to clearly understand the reasons for any reductions. As a motor vehicle engineer we believe this competence is unique to our sector.

The initial requirement from our client was focused primarily on reducing the cost of claims presented and managing the quality of the repairs in line with their guidelines.

Through introducing this process there has also been a significant improvement in the authorisation time experienced by the repairer / dealers. While this was not core to the decision to introduce the service, it has become an additional benefit. Over the course of the last year the authorisation timescale has reduced by an average of 1.2 days. This means the repairers have been able to commence repairs quicker, minimising delays to the end customer.

On an annualised basis, over 16,000 validations have been completed and a total of €2.25m has been saved with an average saving per claim of €140.

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